360-Degree Product Photography

360 product images are a series of still images of a product (24, 36, 72 etc.) photographed in sequence on a specialized 360 photo turntable that rotates on a single plane.

Software provided by the 360 product photography equipment manufacturer controls the turntable and camera.

The 360 photo turntable rotates and stops at specified degree intervals. At each interval, the software triggers the camera shutter to capture an image.

For example, with a 24-frame 360, the software triggers the camera shutter to take image #1, the turntable rotates 15 degrees (360 degrees divided by 24 images) and captures the next image. This continues until 24 images have been captured.

When the images are displayed in 360 view software – an application that plays in a browser – they play in sequence, so your customer can rotate and pan around the product and zoom into specific areas.